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pawfect pampering

bath, brush & fluff up

Bath, Brush and Fluff Up

inc: Bath, brush and dry.

Nails, ears, pads and hygiene. 

Hot diggity dog size:

S = from £20

M = from £25

L = from £30

XL = from £45

The 'Maintenance' Work

inc: Bath, brush and dry.

Nails, ears, pads and hygiene. 

Outline and maintenance scissoring.

Hot Diggity Dog Size:

S = from £40

M = from £50

L = from £60

XL = from £75



The Whole Shebang

inc: Bath, brush and dry.

Nails, ears, pads and hygiene. 

Clipper and cut, style: breed standard or as requested. 

Hot Diggity Dog Size:

S = from £45

M = from £55

L = from £65

XL = from £80

Puppies first visit!

Rest assured, there is a certain amount of stigma as to when a puppy can first be pampered, the right timing is when they are fully vaccinated and safe for them to explore the big wide world! In this case, extra care/time would be spent allowing them to become comfortable with their new salon! Pricing is as per visit, please don't be afraid to get in-touch and ask away! 


A little extra....

Ultra Sonic Teeth Cleaning

Anal Glands

Paw Creme Massage

Blueberry Facial 

Homemade Disgestdogs biscuits

extra fuss

about Yarna

Having worked on yachts, oversees and away from home for the last eight years, I finally decided I needed a job that would allow me to unpack that suitcase one more time and hopefully for good!

I think a lot of people that live and work away from home, will tell you one of the hardest things that you miss the most about being away,

is your loyal companion... number one best friend, your dog!

Anyone that knows me, understands my Jack Russell-Cross named Pickle, might possibly be the best thing ever - so I've moved from just a passionate dog lover to completing my Diploma in Dog Grooming with City & Guilds to emBARK (parden the pun) on my next venture.

 I look forward to welcoming you to the Eden Pawject!

Hope to see you soon, Yarna x 

life, laugh,woof

Having been made redundant after 26 years as an Office Manager I felt lost and frightened about what came next.  


Yarna, my niece and founder of Eden Pawject,  knows I have always loved everything to do with dogs and being so upbeat and enthusiastic,  encouraged me to retrain and follow my dream job – just like she had.


I am now proud to confirm that I have completed my iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management and am ready for my new challenge.


I have previously trained to be an IMDT dog trainer and over the past year have offered

1-2-1 dog training in my spare time.   Doing this has also made me realize how working with dogs is the job for me.  I will also get more time to spend with my own dogs, a Rottweiler Cross called Boo and a Shepherd Cross called Ziggy.  



 Groom Room

Located in Staines-upon-Thames...

the botanical grooming shed.



Monday - Friday 08:00 - 17:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday - By special appointment 


Call us: 07960754595


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